Happy Mother’s Day Mama Rock. 
The OG Johnson matriarch hold... - therock (@therock)

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ttek_m 1 week ago


julietach 1 week ago

Is true, the same smile. ❤️

alegauchabr 1 week ago

Oh look like Jasmine!

mohammad_zikrie 1 week ago

@atrashrosli tengok ni.. lagi sama 😂😂

atrashrosli 1 week ago

@mohammad_zikrie hahaahaha

felicialopez9069 1 week ago

Nice pucture ❤️❤️

juliortizserrano15 1 week ago

Hermosa tu mami Dios los Bendiga 💗💗💗

maks_kisko 1 week ago

Ретро ✌🏼😌✌🏼

philamean 1 week ago


anyingta 1 week ago

His mom looks kinda asian. Is Dwayne a hapa?

ramita_sr 1 week ago

Lovely Son.

ramita_sr 1 week ago

Lovely Mom

verogs79 6 days ago

Her eyes are 😍, beautiful mom ❤️

alexsandrajss26 6 days ago

A explicação pra toda uma beleza meu Deus muita beleza envolvida😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Coisa mais linda!

alcyonneroza 5 days ago


jeskarose29 5 days ago

No way my lil cousin looks kinda like you!!!

ccnotouch 5 days ago

Lmao devils lettuce nice 😂

_aldous_huxley_ 4 days ago


mohamad_mk96 4 days ago

She is best


Muchas felicidades y un abrazo inmenso de los peruanos❤

juliana.aye 4 days ago

Cutee blasians😍

ke_kes_kreations 4 days ago

Sweet, beautiful lady 💯💯💯💯

mo._akmal_official 4 days ago

So beautiful mom❤❤❤

nilo9905 4 days ago


just__a__woman 3 days ago

Jazzy looks just like you here. #twins

banzitaa 3 days ago

@jesss.dimples lmao unlike her son.

cats9dogs2 3 days ago

Wow so adorable as child bet your mama never dreamt you be such a big presence of a boy she is so proud of you wow gorgeous pictures can I just say I'm a UK girl from Scotland I loved ballers best tv ever you were awesome in that are you making anymore? 💙 don't tell anyone but your my favourite😉😂😂awesome stuff👌no one can compete with you💪......donna x.💗💗💜💪👧

viktor_jb7 3 days ago


jesss.dimples 3 days ago

@banzitaa lmao im DEAD

gkubica 2 days ago

Are you sure that’s not Chrissy Teigen in the first photo? ;) gorgeous!

tinee369 2 days ago

Truth is, u don't have to hit that Devil's lettuce to be famous.. you already are to her! 💖

mytenaciouslife 2 days ago

So happy to read this. Being a widow raising my son has been HARD!! He is FINALLY starting to come around to appreciate his momma. Something I never thought I would see. 😘

maximo_eliseus 2 days ago

You have a mom charm, congratulations 😍

arielsarai4 2 days ago

Ugh beautiful genes run in the family 😍

fathermaiya 1 day ago

aw you’re a pebble

sharianderson88 1 day ago

Awe that's an amazing pic

keyllamagnacca 21 hours ago


lll.l.1.l.lll 31 minutes ago

ورثت عليها نيفك لكبير 😀

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