On the scene with @deandreayton and @mikalbridges for day on... - NBA (@nba)

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arifinph_ 4 weeks ago

jamet banget

svbzi 4 weeks ago


jresto9 4 weeks ago

How come they are both number 18?

davidtherockjohnson 4 weeks ago


itsrosy_1 4 weeks ago

@davidtherockjohnson how exciting!

ru.akhtar 4 weeks ago

Why are they both wearing number 18

tomboudard 4 weeks ago

Where is elie okobo ???

henry_ruger07 4 weeks ago

@mikalbridges is a man on a mission

lovelyoropesa 4 weeks ago

who is he

w_brady12 4 weeks ago

He looks 50

jordanhdc 4 weeks ago

@king_salim15 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

m.kas29 4 weeks ago

You can see the pain in their faces in the third picture

juunski 4 weeks ago

Why are they both 18?

clarke35 4 weeks ago

Pumas are thrash πŸ’©


Still congrats on getting drafted man

twinve_2 4 weeks ago

@juunski cause 2018

upil_dodo 4 weeks ago


39tone 4 weeks ago

Thought this was you bro @sammy_legends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ezmoneyy21 4 weeks ago

Suns gonna be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

ijacksonsmith 4 weeks ago


jamesfg4 4 weeks ago

Over rated

katladyka 4 weeks ago


durantvisuals 4 weeks ago

The real reason y'all hate on the Warriors isn't because they "rUiNeD tHe NbA", it's because they took a blueprint many franchises have tried to follow and perfected it to a point where every team in the NBA is now playing catch-up. How can you not respect GSW; They're a 'superteam' team built not out of ring-chasing mercenaries, but a 7th and 11th draft pick and a SECOND ROUND pick, and they became one of the most unstoppable teams we've ever seen. Yeah, maybe they didn't need KD, the Bulls didn't need Rodman, does anyone use him as a blemish on the their legacy? GS have been portrayed by the media as overpowered, overstacked bullies but they're really they're one of the greatest underdogs stories in NBA history and an example of what a franchise can achieve with hard work, self-belief, great coaching, meticulous player development and smart trades. They don't win because "ThEy GoT fOuR aLl-StArS", they win because they're four all-stars who put their egos aside on the court and play an unselfish, revolutionary brand of basketball that's forced the entire league to adapt and change the way they play. No other team over the past 20 years has done that. Hate on them if it makes you feel better, but respect what they have accomplished, they've built a dynasty and they did it the right way, y'all just mad your team didn't do it first.

raymon.d23 4 weeks ago

@coffeeblack32 the front office does the trades she has to know

bgigy 4 weeks ago

It’s summer bro, you can only say that in the winter lol @mikalbridges you’ll learn to spend your summers elsewhere.

jay.samuel 4 weeks ago


bennybanks00 3 weeks ago

Greg Oden?

rhasan35 3 weeks ago

Sixers should have kept him tbh

andyroch83 3 weeks ago

The new boss : Deandre Ayton

b__easy 3 weeks ago

@kwamie_lassiter42 the new boys are lookin pretty fresh.. πŸ’₯

haje_sagvan 3 weeks ago

فاك بو ΨͺΩ‡ Ψ¨Ω„Ψ§ فاكفاكفاك

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