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Photo by @alexbraczkowski and @lochsefilm Here's a shot of one of Jacob the lions young siblings, 40 feet high in the branches of a large fig tree in Uganda's Ishasha region. We got this photo of him at dusk, as the sun set @lochsefilm angled the flash while @alexbraczkowski exposed for the last seconds of blue light in the sky. These tree climbing lions are the stars of a brand new @natgeowild tv show coming out in the fall of 2018. Join @alexbraczkowski @stevewinterphoto and @lochsefilm as they show you African lions like you've never seen before. . . . . . #lion #african #beauty #bluelight #uganda #ugandan #natgeowild #natgeo #photooftheday #gorgeous #lions #bigcatsofinstagram #bigcatsforever ...more
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Very little is known about this rarely seen, sand-dwelling octopus, but what we do know is pretty darn fascinating. ...more
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📸 @filipe_deandrade | Tag someone who you’ve accidentally walked in on while they were taking a bath. #wilduntamed #costarica #puravida ...more
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The wildebeest’s annual search for greener pastures is considered one of the “Seven Wonders of the Natural World.” It’s also a dangerous, cut-throat trip that not everyone survives. ...more
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How many predators can you spot in this feeding frenzy? Tell us in the comments below. ...more
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🎥 @filipe_deandrade | I’ve always wanted to dive with mako sharks. They are beautiful, fast and powerful. To be exact, the fastest sharks in our oceans. Pure biological wonders that are responsible for keeping the oceans clean and balances. Beyond just diving with them, I also wanted to learn more about them. So I hit up my friends at @pelagicsafari and @nakaweproject to spend a week around short fin mako sharks in Baja, Mexico. It changed my life. My fascination turned into an appreciation and now I’m motivated to help prevent sharks from going extinct. I hope you enjoy the shark content but are also inspired to jump in the water. Trust me, its the most fun I’ve ever had as a naturalist. ...more
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On land, the jaguar is the undisputed king. But in the water, it’s a whole different story. ...more
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📸 @filipe_deandrade | Jaguars are feeding on sea turtles. Its a unique predator/prey relationship that even after documenting it, I have more questions than answers. Two charismatic and important species clashing on the beaches of Costa Rica. Stay tuned for more from this. #costarica #puravida ...more
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Photo by @alexbraczkowski Thought to number over 500 000 individuals a hundred years ago, there may be as few as 20 000 lions left in Africa. This photograph of the lioness Julia, was taken in a special part of southwestern Uganda called Ishasha. It is renowned for a population of lions which has developed a culture of climbing massive sycamore fig trees. @natgeowild big cat scientist and cameraman @alexbraczkowski took this shot of Julia just before nightfall when the sky had a tinge of blue to it. Stay tuned to @natgeowild to see footage of this beautiful lioness and her pride in a brand new television show on tree-climbing lions. . . . . . #africa #uganda #lioness #photooftheday #beautiful #dusk #africanwildlife #goldenlight #natgeowild #lion #bigcat ...more
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Video by @alexbraczkowski Red billed quelas drink from a waterhole in Zakouma, Chad. Every day thousands of these birds can be seen at the @africanparksnetwork headquarters. They gather in flocks and move collectively in a process known as a murmuration. New research using 3D positioning is showing that individual birds within the group will respond to the movements of the bird next to them and this will happen from individual to individual until finally the whole flock is affected and at such speed, it appears in synchrony. This is known as scale-free correlation. I'll be posting more videos of this incredible behavior soon! Shot by @alexbraczkowski in the @zakouma_national_park . . . . . . #birdsofinstagram #quela #african #chad #zakouma #africanparks #beauty #wildlifeconservation #northafrica #water #drinking ...more
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Ever wanted to know what it's like to film wildlife in some of the last wilderness areas in Africa? Well @natgeowild cameramen and photographers @alexbraczkowski and @stevewinterphoto have spent the last few weeks documenting wildlife in the @africanparksnetwork Zakouma National Park, Chad. Flying with a small Cessna that had removable doors, Alex and Steve could get incredible shots of wildlife from the air, including large herds of tiang, hartebeest, African lions and crowned cranes. Flying in 113 degree heat, they shot most of the wildlife congregated around waterholes and a massive wetland system called Riegwek. Follow @alexbraczkowski and @stevewinterphoto who will be bringing you a new @natgeowild show on tree-climbing lions. Thanks to Jerome Hugonot for the flight time! Song by Petit Biscuit. . . . . . #african #chad #lion #beauty #conservation #wildlife #northafrica #wilderness #animals #wildplace #wildspaces #cessna #flying ...more
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Turtles have the longest life time of any animal, but nearly half of all turtle species are threatened with extinction. Let’s work together to appreciate and protect all turtles! #WorldTurtleDay ...more
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