Proud to be opening the I’m Still Standing @eltonjohn #GRAMM... - Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

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gigi_savazo 2 months ago

Maaaaaaaaaley hahahah, its my bday today, can u just send a “happy bday”? Its my dream girl❤️❤️

robin_newberrynaymon 2 months ago

I missed it. Forgot it was on. How or where can I see it? I'm so bummed.

_made_new_one_ 2 months ago

luna love good 😂

piressimonemarques 2 months ago

miley you're very fashion, I loved it

wesleycorreias 2 months ago

@caaacardoso e esse óculos?

michelle96_ 2 months ago

Wherr is this outfit from omg!!!!

nsnsns56nnz 2 months ago

@benyamin_g_h پاشو بیا دایرکت

nsnsns56nnz 2 months ago

@benyamin_g_h بیا دایرکت دارم بات حرف میزنم فاطمه نرین تو عصابم

abdi.agh_official 2 months ago


jitterd 1 month ago

Snelle planga

jestine_love17 1 month ago

patrickwi7784 1 month ago

[8/23/2017, 19:32] Mialk: [9/2/2017, 21:05] Patrick: [9/2/2017, 21:05] Patrick: [9/2/2017, 21:05] Patrick: [3/28, 22:03] Patrick:

msodnv 1 month ago

I'm the only one who think that Miley look like Willy Wonka? 😂

bodenlang 1 month ago


_ellie.112 1 month ago


sunnyyadav4599 1 month ago

Miley, u r so cute

soheil_apple_ 1 month ago


annajenteleeva 1 month ago

My love

daxjacob 3 weeks ago

Your songs magnificent we love it

findfashionmodels 3 weeks ago

"she looks so stunning in that dress,Hey If You Love Seeing Beautiful Looking People Check out my account"

joaquingalvez816 2 weeks ago


euphoriccbarbie 2 weeks ago

Hey baee😻😻❕ @mileycyrus

leireearriaga 2 weeks ago

the best

leireearriaga 2 weeks ago

love you

nicolas_cs10 2 weeks ago

Perfect perfect perfect

dominiqueturckfersing 2 weeks ago


aamalurr 1 week ago

Te copias de babuni @__nereagarcia13 @garazizagirre

garazizagirre 1 week ago

@aamalurr aiama pofaborr q horror😱

cheyennebrando1995 6 days ago

Cool shades..

fred_riviere 5 days ago

these owls !

marianavevo 1 day ago

Como eu amo vc

marianavevo 1 day ago

Eu choro

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