Michael Jackson
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“Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiseled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche.” – Michael Jackson, Oxford Union, March 6, 2001 ...more
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“Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel—do whatever you need to do here. Sky's the limit." – Michael Jackson on advising his musicians on how to play when recording ‘Thriller’, according to Toto’s David Paich, who played on the album. ...more
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Which was the first of Michael’s albums to be released during your lifetime? (Image: Michael Jackson by Steve Kaufman) ...more
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Photo of the day: Always the trendsetter, Michael takes an early selfie! ...more
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Behind the scenes of “Leave Me Alone.” ...more
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We will be celebrating the accomplishments of Michael and the Black community, throughout February, #BlackHistoryMonth. What would you like to contribute to the conversation? ...more
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Today in 1974, the Jackson 5 performed in Senegal. Michael later remembered: “When we came off the plane in Dakar, Senegal, Africa, we were greeted by a long line of African dancers. Their drums and sounds filled the air with rhythm. I was going crazy, I was screaming, ‘All right! They got the rhythm…This is it. This is where I come from. The origin.’” ...more
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#TBT: Michael in the studio recording the french version of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”/ “Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous” with Christine “Coco” DeCroix ...more
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#TBT: Michael greets Snow White ...more
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“Michael Jackson influenced me just by being the entertainer that he was… I followed everything that he did. I know every step in ‘Thriller.’ I know every step that he did in ‘Billie Jean.’ He set the bar real high.”– Ginuwine Do you know which of Michael’s songs Ginuwine sampled in “Want U to Be”? ...more
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#FriendlyFriday : Michael sits with his friend Marcel Marceau ...more
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On January 3, 1997, Michael played the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI during the HIStory World Tour. It was his first show in the United States since 1989. ...more
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