Was trying for a skye from #pawpatrol pancake. My daughter, ... - Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)

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sophiebernabei 3 weeks ago


josephinadance 3 weeks ago

U gotta work on your circles! Aim for one spot when you pour and watch the batter expand outward in a perfect ⚪️

eastiegal 3 weeks ago

Props 😂

emersonthehidden 3 weeks ago

@nickelodeon cringe

p_guido30 3 weeks ago

That is so adorable Ashton ! 😊

tfalusa 3 weeks ago

We adore this! Check out our winner pancakes for inspo for your next creation! 😋

thefunkyartisan 3 weeks ago

How is this a fail? It looks like a 🐶!!! It’s adorable!!!!

viviana_acosta 3 weeks ago

@manuelmar09 jajajajaja sabrán ricos, ya verás 👀

angelite83111 3 weeks ago


newhamshagurl 3 weeks ago

If it makes you feel better when my 2 yr old granddaughter say it she said PUPPY! And I asked if she liked it and she said yes, but like Sean Connery because that’s how she says it for some reason. Yeash

diego.siavash 3 weeks ago


iam_nui_shen 3 weeks ago

@aplusk I can cook better than this on a prison kitchen ....or while skydiving .....or eyes folded .... better I hope she appreciated the effort tho ... btw the skydiving thing cancel it cause logically I can't do it .

ptspinellifotos 3 weeks ago

Um cão kkkk

marneirlonnethefla 3 weeks ago

Bald hatte das arme Tier genung

hopeforbest.m 3 weeks ago

Happy Easter Mr Creator

mikkop72 3 weeks ago


msartista_fashion101 3 weeks ago

Good job though!🐶😁 @aplusk Happy Easter to you and the fam!!🐰

flamekillerstarsinger 3 weeks ago

Pagose mio Qid el Campeador y todos los otros que van a su

lifeofgingerly 3 weeks ago

I think it is awesome. This mama couldn't come close. 🙏🙏💕💕💕

getcakedla 3 weeks ago

Hey Ashton! That looks somewhat similar to my first pancake.. haha We would love to take you to the kitchen and teach you how to make some pancake art 🥞🖌

snowwingmightcaster 3 weeks ago

Wie doch der Schelm so viel verheist

poweredbypennies 3 weeks ago

It's almost ready!!!

gaydaraid 3 weeks ago

Stick to fruit hon lol 😆 no cooking involved I am pretty #frutarian myself lol just checked - #notdeadyet

justamyplease 3 weeks ago


thesmittenmami 3 weeks ago


telarfegrinn 2 weeks ago

Als sie mit ihren Moren waren heimgekommen

breannataverner 2 weeks ago

@sarahxtopping 😂😂 I love them

nikkireps 2 weeks ago

Aww, at least you tried!

sheilaleoxina 2 weeks ago

ne la qual si distende e la mpaluda

felix_thecat91 2 weeks ago

My two year old saw this and said "George" Referring to curious George @aplusk

aliseherrel 2 weeks ago

Optata quid usus aeterno et vane gestire

the_marns 2 weeks ago

@monicammarchena and @marchena83 hahahaha

marchena83 2 weeks ago

@the_marns NAILED IT!

missbrittlove 2 weeks ago

@baronvonowsome kids putting us back in our lane🙌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

kdelcourt 2 weeks ago

My kid said "u should make me that"

alyssiacorrea 2 weeks ago


lanablooming 2 weeks ago


doseoftha 2 weeks ago

Stay Woke, You Never Know What To Expect Next. Blessings. 🙏💯

mirawynlakelv 2 weeks ago

Der stenographische giebt wohl das Meiste


great😀👌 if you wanna see instagram vs reality check out my gallery😊

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