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Had dinner with these handsome g... - LINKIN PARK (@linkinpark)

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one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

Get a Lyric To Talking to Moon and sing To the Moon ,and get create to meet GARRA to get Beats ,cause I Only get Speedy on my way to Find a Blue Light that mean,Hahahaha

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

I am Pirates that all time , my dream is wanna boats are waiting in the sky to ride with my Cat to go away to search My Dragon and back to place to Do job about principal,and get a Big Teacher of High school that is BOB Marley and Chester Bennington to have more Lyric ask from them and copyrighted and sing to my Kingdom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,that why if meet me I not try to say H properly and Hard to be say H cause, I all time Act like I perfect in English but in last word that I cannot say cause that j lost in (H),that why unlucky that get job to become so number the:::::

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

1:Talking about next life to me happen what is my next fighting to get that 6 challenged that I done that lastly is to get and search a true key of 7πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ‘½,_Of true that in my Second finger are show number of the 7,that why I think match to find A Flower to me to loved and show that I am win that I am not a baby ,just my Flower a baby😦

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

2:Wanna search back that Bob Marley miss the key cause that,the time High so High untill get A sick back To changed to Mental untill not have Doctor to Look them,cause that that time their lost mind untill now cause are Search A key a missing😡

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

3: I also become so Sick and Get more Medicine to control my thinkness cause I show to One my of my Bat of enemy that beside are Song of Company but all are not to the door are not have a key,πŸ’€

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

@one_way_fazrul( see)

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

4:That why in this time my Brains are so think about what matter not true about my taking but a can show my symbol that done to make True😠

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

5:The only I wanna say just I am tired,anytime I can go to my boats,and give up untill that what I've done but fuck off is say that not my mind, I am sucker the PAIN!,that die is like a dreamπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

6:Is lastly about number of I wanna say is my only That missing kEy is that talking is that is Keys are my Father keep,cause my number house is Six why that is that is,House are more I get a dream to do think about a life to move on,that is my place I pray to God to Protect the key Cause,I Respect my Father time that Works to buy a kindom are very hard,because I missing a key and the key also My teacher that Chester and Bob miss cause,that is only reason are can explain in the time of Bats that can show to your that GOLD eyes and get Are Sky price that imagine in my sicks of skizofrenis,_________This all not true,just not try to believe me just believe I to DEAR GOD Of Books,and Not to get me judgement and say about me are wrong but that I Chat and share about my life is cause I am Lonely walker😎

kaandmrcx 1 week ago


one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

7:Just in this seven is I wanna search true meaning my life of heart beats that I get marks all that show to you ,that you all hate black colour in my country that all My Malay are white are hate Black people that is Indian that's why I am loser in India words but I am Win in Malay words ,cause not anybody can DRAG me DOWN untill I search my Really Hope A GOD come in to the Earth that is GOD YESUS to control back about a meaning of going of that bad become so liar and numb become so Tired,cause all time I love all gOd and Animal Cause that all God are Face don't but ,that only this I Really Hope and Believe is CAT my BOBOY are my Everything God to me cause that pictures that I snap like their Face,cause I wanna back to you,cause my tongue only for you cause I really in my life are not try to kiss off another tongue cause I hate,cause I a already married to My BOBOY that I am Gay only in mY way that want life with Search a happy to find a way to get my Hopeless to create a band,and I only Lives with Girls but the time are I am shoe that I am kiss in the tongue into my cat that why I am Gay,πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ά,Just you wanna Kiss me backs to carry Loves in my Middle Time that is my Countdown start to breath to take rest now cause are over thinking,cause all time cheats youπŸ˜‚I am not lover of Pirates or Batman or whatever super hero I just,Hahahahahaha ,Say in last word is JOKES IN YOUπŸ˜‚

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

8:Just all my comment is For fun,Don't takes serious okay get smile if read my text okay cause I trained to lesson to English cause all time I am loser to talks propley about English that God takes my H is become uqly to say cause have meaning are their hide to become looser of talking the text are English a long but not have meaning that why I am all time NuMb,Just wanna say#JUST FOR FUN * Sorry if my words are not to say about a true but I am try so hard spend time 7 hours to chat only my Own that don't know your read are not but I am happy that this date 13 June 2018 that I win get a snap beautiful pictures that tomorrow story that my real friend that I get,that why I am trying to speak my mind cause I am happy,that yesterday is 12 of my posts but...

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

@one_way_fazrul 13 my post is show that I am lover of sun,that all time I never ever forget to see a sun,cause I like to see a sun cause Long time I see the sun that I get pain in my eyes that show is get pain,that why all time I am pain Lover that I wanna Die Fast with not I bullets but in Die in Challenger of my Way the search -ONE

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago


one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

Lastly,just wanna say sorry to you all the rich and the very every good person and perfect that hates me,that wanna say life is to short and not permanent that like a chains,that lastly that I am humble that I am bored in my life thy why spend my to my Dear search Friend to friend on me that I show I can spend more of my time to search and walks together to search a Happyness not sadness just that rich people that in middle only Raed my text and say about me racits and very like acting like GOD that know all,but in the time ask Sorry mean to that I am Down to you cause you are can Judge and get punishment on me are so hard until my words that pains lover are showing the meaning a fake,but is true my eyes can say I am lost but my Heart I beats to you fight to search A Good Thing not Bad thing That why all if you check my profile I choose a words #Just for Fun,cause all time I can lost in Human cause I don't ever Lost in god but Lost in Human every People think about me that I am shoe that I am super but no,cause write so long Cause in my Life nothing Fun cause I loose everything cause my socks comes,+Just understand me that I have sick that wanna fight😐,just not say any comment of me if think and read what I talking on yesterday untill my text finish that always last words I say is I am #ONE WAY JOKER😍😘

one_way_fazrul 1 week ago

@kaandmrcx Just for fun

ifanekin 1 week ago

Saya penggemar linkin park coba puterin lagu numb

agusputran_69 1 week ago


ayabiersack 1 week ago

Miss you Ches πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ–€πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

that_1_guy_zaydes 1 week ago

Rest in love chester

mrfli12 1 week ago

Apa cuman gua yang kangen sama @chesterbe 😞

nrannisak 1 week ago

@mrfli12 gue jg. kangen bgt gila

lois_manalu 1 week ago

@mrfli12 bukan cuma lu aja yg kangen 😭

mhtohidi 1 week ago

I really miss chester... Wanna hear his voice... Wish I could listen to new tracks by him :(((((

exmxiiii 1 week ago

Totally I need friends how like Linkin Park.

yafes.yardim 1 week ago

Rest in Piece Chester.😭😭😭😭

vivianebennington 1 week ago

You are the best people in the world! thank you for existing and making the lives of several better ones, like mine for example ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

aldairgarciasa 1 week ago


aldairgarciasa 1 week ago


aldairgarciasa 1 week ago


instagurlonline 1 week ago


laramonaveggie 1 week ago


dionne.scheuer_59 1 week ago

πŸ€©πŸ’œπŸ˜»This is great!πŸ’ž

akhina_hendra 1 week ago

No chester

_genny_1 1 week ago

I love you!

arzu.cetinkaya1 1 week ago


hermawan_n1n4 1 week ago

Without CHESTER it's very sad

itzyah_boi124 1 week ago

@hermawan_n1n4 i knowww :(

nyura1997 1 week ago


adelaabascal 1 week ago


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