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That’s a wrap......almost. 8 weeks of constant filming for the latest 8 week Muscle Building Training is done. Today was the last training day and we wrapped up with an shoulder workout, abs, cardio, after images and after video. I have to tell you, as much as I love this I’m pretty darn excited that it’s done. The training and dieting is relatively easy when compared to the filming and documentation beginning at most mornings around 5am and finishing around 8-9pm....including weekends. I’ll never want to take a break from working out but it would be nice to eat a meal, go to bed, have a weekend without a camera to document it for a couple of weeks. But that’s not going to happen just yet. I still have this weekend to document as I travel to New Jersey for my appearances at @vitaminshoppe. I’ve already got some good content. My flight was delayed in Boise meaning I missed my connector in Pheonix. As a result, I have nearly 9 hours to spend at Phoenix airport before taking a late flight that will have me land at 10:30am.....2 hours before my first event. I’m glad I have my health because I’ll pull this off without feeling fatigued, anxious, pissed or with pity. Instead I’m grateful that you all motivated to follow my videos and will travel to my appearances. Thank you. And thank you so much to @wildernesspro, @josiahness and @silverlinefilms for filming me daily over the past 8 weeks. Thank you to @axiomfitness for allowing us to shoot yet another successful trainer within your amazing facility! This is the 4th Video series we have filmed here and i will can’t get enough of the place, your hospitality is appreciated. And thank you so much to my @visualchemistry for documenting each and every rep, set, tip, hint and hack for the editing team. This transformation was immense and my best yet. As much as I want a break....I have to ask.....what video series would you like to see next other than what I’ve filmed previously such as fat loss, muscle building, IRONMAN, Ultra-Marathon and transformation? #axiomfitness #axiom #bodybuilding #kagedmuscle #musclebuilding ...more
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Tomorrow I will be in New Jersey appearing at 2 @vitaminshoppe locations hosting talks, giving away @kagedmusclesupps and samples, and answering your questions. I also have an appearance in NJ on Sunday too so check out the 3 images attached for the locations. If you are in the state or nearby, be sure to come so we can all raise a glass of HYDRACHARGE together and and have an celebration of KAGED MUSCLE winning the @vitaminshoppe Battle of the Brands ;). I look forward to personally thanking you all. ...more
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I love it when the haters tell me that my supplements are just marketing. I enjoy reading their hateful comments towards my obsession with infrared saunas, fast digesting post workout protein, filtered watered magnesium baths, daily detoxes of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, kefir, super greens, etc. I smile when they laugh at my insistence of only Fermented Glutamine, BCAAs, Fermented foods, and high probiotic strains. I shake my head when they tell me that I shouldn’t take antioxidants around my workout and that intraworkouts are useless. They ridicule me for switching off my WiFi’ at night, switching my phone on airplane mode when i sleep, wearing blue light blocking glasses while on my computer after dark, reducing my microwave frequencies and only using plastics that don’t promote estrogenic effects. My health is by far my priority over vanity but my physique evolves quickly when I focus on the former. I have been more than happy with my transformation over the past 8 weeks. Size, shape symmetry, fullness, separation is all coming together....after injury and 20 years in the game. I can’t blame the little hater, they haven’t found their purpose, but both positivity and negativity fuel mine. The weak will always be survived by the strong. Born to bleed, fighting to success, built to endure what the world throws at me. #hatebreed ...more
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Food is literally killing you and your CHILDREN! Listen to my new #knowledgeandmileage podcast to find out why. The clickable link is in profile ...more
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Congrats to team @bodybuildingcom @alexsilverfagan for hitting the @trainforher an awesome cover out the park! Also, inside @trainmag is my column covering my tips on running for the Bodybuilder. Thanks creating an awesome platform of content for @kagedmusclesupps @visualchemistry and I, @trainmag. ...more
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HELP US WIN! If you haven’t voted for Kaged Muscle in @vitaminshoppe’s Battle of the Brands yet, tap the link to get your vote in and you’ll get 20% off all @kagedmusclesupps . Don’t forget to share the link with your friends and family! Clickable link to vote is in my bio ...more
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Dang, @ashley.horner says I’m the perfect physical specimen. The mind altering supplements I’m mailing her are working! I may be onto something ;) Ashley had never excepted a supplement partnership or offer from any company throughout her entire career until partnering with @kagedmusclesupps. Knowing her genuine authenticity, that speaks volumes. Thanks, Ashley. * #Repost @ashley.horner with @get_repost ・・・ #KMPartner Supplementation can be crazy confusing. Yes even for me at times. There are sooo many brands/companies promising you if you take their supplement you can achieve X figure/physique just like your favorite insta fit pros living in these squares... before you know it your pocket book is empty, you’re even more confused than when you started and nothing has changed. So how do you know what’s the best and who do you trust these days? I will be the first to tell you that I don’t take a lot of supplements- but what I do take has a specific purpose- quality over quantity. before any supplementation takes place get your nutrition right. Supplementation is not meant to be a magical pill to zap your body into perfect physical specimen (like @krisgethin 😂) overnight. Supplementation is there to support and enhance your training regimen/recovery. And it takes time, and consistency just as your training and lifestyle changes require. . So do your research, ask questions and never stop learning. @krisgethin has taught me so much and @kagedmusclesupps and it leaves me mind blown 🤯 #TeamKM #AshleyHorner . @baileyimage 📸 ...more
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New Jersey!! Check out the 3 areas I’ll be appearing within @vitaminshoppe stores this weekend. I’ll be departing from Boise airport on Friday direct from the gym where I’ll be filming the last day of my 8 week hardcore Video Trainer to head to the east coast. I arrive in the early hours of Saturday to make 2 appearances and then I’ll be heading directly to the airport again from my last @vitaminshoppe appearance at West Clifton on the Sunday to return home. I love having efficiency conviction and turning up with intent. Success is finding ones purpose. This is mine and I have you all to thank so I hope to meet you at one of these stores to appreciate y’all personally. I’ll also be giving away some free supps and swag while there. Lastly, if you vote for @kagedmusclesupps in the @vitaminshoppe Battle of the Brands, you will get 20% off the entire line. See y’all soon. ...more
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Making good progress in my current 8 Week Muscle Building Video Trainer. No point me talking a game if I can walk it. #kagedmuscle #bodybuilding #notimetobleed #partanimal #partmachine #painisweaknessleavingthebody ...more
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See y’all on the @bodybuildingcom Facebook now ...more
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Double tap if you like this video. You all requested to see the shoulder workout between my Welsh bro, @kagedmusclesupps athlete and trainer of champions @neil_yoda_hill1 and i, well here it is. I went straight from working at the @bodybuildingcom at the Arnold Classic to have this workout with Neil before his client @william_bonac went on to win the overall bodybuilding event. Happy Birthday today Neil! Clickable link to the full workout l video filmed by @erick4film is in my bio. ...more
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@visualchemistry has begun designing and printing t-shirts, some of which have quotes and sayings inspired by myself, others, herself, or just plain made-up. This one was inspired by my Mum and my home country of Wales. My Mum sent me a message a couple of months ago saying “you dull bugger” when she saw pics of me getting out of my @clearlightsaunas and jumping into the snow. Being Welsh, I often say the same quote much to the amusement of Sunshine. I once told her that it’s common for Sheep to fall from cliffs on my grandfathers farm which is on top of a quarry, again, much to Sunshine’s amusement. Lastly, i told her that female sheep are called Ewes. So, of course, she came up with this genius artistic design. I bloody love them. This is her first and I am sure there will be many more. If you want to purchase the, you can get them from Amazon at the clickable link in my profile ...more
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