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One super quick shot from today made at an iPhone while having a super long drive home. This location kills me every time we come! Really hope you’ll love it as much as we do 😍 . Iceland, thank you for being so gorgeous, changeable, full of wonders... . More to come soon 🇮🇸 ...more
1 week ago
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I’ll never get tired of telling that we adore our couples and they’re the most sincere & beautiful! ♥️😻✨ . These two beautiful creatures of our Lord are definitely of this kind! More to say, JP is a photographer and Katie is a make up artist - so needless to say that we definitely felt the vibe and had a really great time together during this day! 👌 . The weather was absolutely crazy with harsh winds & unpredictable hailstorms and snow! And this was in May! Wohoo 🙈 This is all you need to know about Iceland 🇮🇸 . This is a very tiny preview of an upcoming story of this day! Hope you’ll love this 👌 ...more
1 week ago
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Because of the fact, that lately, we’ve become 90% destination, we’re gonna travel really a lot. The summer of 2018 is 100% booked, while in autumn and winter time there are some spots still available for booking.
To deliver the best quality we always trying hard to make, we gonna book only 5 more weddings/elopements until the end of February 2019 while we’re are at some destination mentioned below :) No travel or any additional fees needed! DM or email us to get your spot for a special price ✌️
FEBRUARY 20-23th in ICELAND ...more
3 weeks ago
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This truly gorgeous and unique wedding day, that we had a luck to document last summer, was officially published at one of the biggest and most popular wedding blogs of the world - @greenweddingshoes . Just couldn’t express how much I’m pleased to be featured by them, because when I was only starting my photography career, I’ve been following their features and getting so much inspiration from the posts!!! . One more super great fact about this wedding is that it’s the first wedding from gorgeous Georgia (not a state, but a country) ever published at Green Wedding Shoes. . The wedding of Khatia & Andrew was simply stunning starting from their getting ready, magnificent ceremony at the ancient christian temple and finishing very intimate and friendly atmosphere at family dinner. Here how it was! . See the full story in bio 🔥 ...more
1 month ago
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Double more excited to learn the news about the fact that we’ve just got 2(!!!) Honorable Mentions of Best of the Best Engagement photographs of 2018. Cannot believe that!!! 😱🎉🔥 . Thanks, @junebugweddings & @photobugcommunity for the contest which changes the photography world so much! And of course, hugest thanks to our favorite @donmashelen @helenaandlaurent & @kristenmarieparker for being such awesome judges and inspirers 🖤 ...more
1 month ago
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I’m so stoked & excited to announce that this picture by me was chosen by @junebugweddings to be one of 50 Best of the Best Engagement Photography of 2018 🔥 🔥🔥 ...more
1 month ago
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My latest portfolio can make the whole image that we’re shooting only adventure style elopements and intimate weddings - but it’s not so! . We’re also shooting big and more classic style weddings as well. . Just like this one sure epic and legendary one shot in Moscow. . This wedding of @anastasia_volkova & @enyrik was a truly unique experience! Everything was truly epic 🔥 ...more
1 month ago
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After 8 year of struggling & searching of myself in the rich photography world, I've finally found the type of shoots I'd love to shoot most of all! They are - destination weddings and elopements. Just because they combine both of my favourite things in the world - shooting weddings and travelling. . This shoot is very special to us, also because we are especially in love with intimate shoots. And here is definitely such kind of it! . We spend the whole day with the guys climbing the rocks and different beautiful formations, stared at the beauty of Icelandic nature and of course, we tried our best to document this special day for their best memories. . Here how it was... ...more
1 month ago
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While we’re packing bags for our first epic adventures in this season and I’m preparing some new photo series for our website and blog, I’ve decided to recollect our very adventurous trip to Norway and Bergen region in August of 2016. . When I got the letter from guys with the invitation to share their honeymoon trip and explore Norway together - of course we said “YES WE ARE IN!”. People who know me and Tony, know that we are pretty crazy about exploring new places, but this trip was rather harsh sometimes even for us 😅 . Just imagine - we saw snow around us in August and climbed to the height of 2000 meters by foot with wedding outfits on our hands to photograph the last light of that day! It was both - crazy hard and crazy beautiful 👌 ...more
1 month ago
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This pretty old school photographs where made at one of the first workshops created by us in 2014 and you know what? I’m still happy with them. I know the colors and post-process can look a bit not so trendy, but in whole they are fine, aren’t they?! Share please, if you want anything to change/modify in them. Just so curious what you think 😊 ...more
2 months ago
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Okay, guys! LET’S MAKE Q&A 🎉🎉🎉 . I’d really love to hear your questions! . Please, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments! I’ll be happy to answer all of them 😌 ...more
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This shoot made at our @ice_wrkshp was a real success, because on the day of the shoot, when we came at the location of the shoot in our white Defender it was feeling like we’re making not “just pretty styled shoot”, but something like a cool campaign of lifestyle wear or smth like that. We were surrounded by the endless black sand beach going to the horizon, huge green rocks and hundreds of seagulls flying above our heads ✨ Such a highlight of our lives 😍 ...more
2 months ago