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It’s yoga day today, Something I’d like to start doing. It was international surfing day the other day which is kinda similar in spirit.. This was a really chill time spent in Biarritz w @sagliogeraldine @sofiehemmet @rudilewis and @petros_petrohilos for @vogueparis ...more
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Broke my golden rule of: never be photographed next to a supermodel. I look like a creepy garden gnome. But who can say no to @claudiaschiffer ? @sagliogeraldine on the other hand looks great. As do @petros_petrohilos and @stephanelancien #oddmanout #oldmanout #terribleidea ...more
2 days ago
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Hot out there.. Get in the pool, get weird.. ...more
3 days ago
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The East coast is flat but happy International Surfing Day anyway! Let’s stay classy next time we’re in the water... ...more
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Summer can’t come quick enough... From the archive - @holidaymagazine @hanajirickova @tony_irvine @maudlaceppe @braydon_nelson @heathmattioli ...more
2 weeks ago
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Rowland S Howard, ex member of The Bad Seeds and all round legend. I used to live up the street from him in St Kilda, Melbourne. He’s the inspiration for a story I shot for @replicamanmagazine ...more
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