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QUESTION: What would you like me to write more about in the future? - • Destination Travel Guides • Digital Nomad Tips/Resources • Travel Photography Tutorials - I've been taking a bit of a long-vacation from the blog, not writing a whole bunch. Getting ready to jump back in and would love to get your feedback. 🤓 - If you want all of the above, maybe rank them? Thanks in advance! Your comments and opinions help me decide what to focus on. - Photo is from my recent visit to Lago Di Braies in South Tyrol, Italy. ...more
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Sainte-Chapelle is a gothic royal chapel built by King Louis IX of France to hold his collection of Christian relics, including Christ’s “crown of thorns”. - The stained glass walls were insane! Each panel depicts a different scene... 1113 of them. It took 7 years to build it all. ...more
2 weeks ago
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Ooh la la! Finally made it to the Eiffel Tower. Built for the 1889 World’s Fair, this 1063 ft (324m) tall structure has become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. - We spent 4 days in Paris -- visiting museums & palaces, chilling at cafes, plus snacking on fresh cheese & baguettes. 🧀🥖 - What’s your favorite thing to do in Paris (or, what will you do when you go?) ...more
2 weeks ago
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Hello from Paris! 🗼Any “Midnight In Paris” fans out there? - These are the “magic” steps of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont where Gil is transported back in time to hang out with famous 1920’s artists & writers (Fitzgerald, Picasso, etc.). - Of course, it happens to be raining too, and we all know “Paris is most beautiful in the rain”. I really love this city so far! ...more
2 weeks ago
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I'm not really a gym kinda guy. Instead, I tend to use the "great outdoors" to keep healthy. Hiking, surfing, trail-running, that sort of thing. Check out this view from Point Mugu State Park in California! Way nicer than a gym. • Packing protein-rich snacks for energy on these adventures is key. Like the new @JackLinksJerky Beef Steak Strips, made with 100% real beef. How do you #RaiseTheSteaks and get your sweat on? Post a photo and tag me and I'll share some of my favorites! #Sponsored ...more
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One of California's most iconic waterfalls... McWay Falls in Big Sur! • The waterfall used to drop into the ocean itself, but a landslide many years ago created the beach you see there now. • Any waterfall fans here? What’s your favorite? 🙋🏼‍♂️ #seemonterey #visitcalifornia ...more
3 weeks ago
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INSTAGRAM TIP: Include a custom video thumbnail photo by editing it into the first frame of your footage.😎 • Check out our incredible week on safari in Tanzania. We saw all "Big Five" African animals, met with local tribes like the Hadzabe, and traveled through Serengeti National Park. • Click my bio link to see the full video.👍🏼 • What’s your favorite safari animal? 🤷‍♂️ @souloftanzania #SoulOfTanzania ...more
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There's nothing like that feeling you get after completing one of your goals! I think it's one of the reasons I enjoy climbing mountains so much. Tackling a tough challenge, and being rewarded for your efforts with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment. • This spring I've teamed up with @JackLinksJerky, creators of a new Beef Steak Strip made with 100% beef, to inspire you to push your personal boundaries this year -- whether at home, at play, or in the office. • Show me in a photo how you #RaiseTheSteaks, and tag me for a chance to win a box of Steak Strips for yourself! I’ll share some of my favorites too. 😃 #sponsored ...more
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No trip down the California coast is complete without a stop in San Francisco! • Just a quick stop though... this place is freaking expensive. 😜 ...more
1 month ago
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California dreamin’! We had a blast cruising down the coastline on US 1. • Part of the route is still blocked by a huge landslide (just South of Gorda), however you can continue over the mountains on a road called Nacimiento-Fergusson, and through a military base, then drive back out to the PCH and keep going. • HINT: At the top of Nacimiento-Fergusson, there are some fun dirt roads to explore! 🚚 #SeeMonterey @SeeMonterey ...more
1 month ago
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Walking through a dark, creepy tunnel of cypress trees. We felt like we were in a horror movie… 👻 ...more
1 month ago
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Springtime in #BigSur at Bixby Creek Bridge! What a beautiful week it’s been for road tripping California’s PCH. Add this trip to your bucket list! ...more
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