To celebrate today’s #internationalwomensday I’ll be curatin... - Emma Watson (@emmawatson)

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Very good

aminvali20182018 4 days ago


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i am glad

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Pretty 💃

zahra.sam84 4 days ago

I love you verh much❤❤❤❤💋


Thanks for your fight. I’m a bit concerned about women’s right outside of our lovely western world as these women would actually need your help the most dear @emmawatson 💖 I’m sure you can feel guys around you are good people too and guys are mostly behaving themselves out there and you often forget to say it. Some people could feel like you do not value men. Equality is very important. please... time is precious let’s unite to fight women’s right in the Middle East instead of uk or America where we have already what we want and need.

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alachapati 3 days ago

Which is why people need to end the feminist movement in the United States, Canada, and Majority of Europe. In these places women all have fundamental human rights.

daddy_dilemmas 3 days ago

You are an absolute inspiration x❤

unclejoealy 3 days ago

@elisheva_baechel_liu then I guess you must be against all mass immigration from third world African and middle eastern nations then ? Don’t want them to bring their culture with them

ashlynlav6060 3 days ago

@alachapati actually men are paid 20% more than women in the United States

alachapati 2 days ago

@ashlynlav6060 fake news. Wage gap isn’t real it’s been disproved time and time again.

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@unclejoealy Yes I am against mass immigration from third world. But my comment was about protecting women’s rights out there! 🤔

jack_kirwan_new 2 days ago

@brunoprest_ THE DICTATOR!!! 😂😂

unclejoealy 2 days ago

@elisheva_baechel_liu then the West doesn’t need feminism


@unclejoealy exactly

trump.triumph 2 days ago

does anyone want to tell her they already do.....🙄

unclejoealy 2 days ago

@elisheva_baechel_liu thank you

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Sta femiloca

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Right .👍

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Hermione rose to success <3

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@jamie_luckes I need this jacket 😂

jamie_luckes 1 day ago

@zoechalkley 👏

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Cool girls 🖤🖤🖤

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You go girl

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❤️ so much love

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I love you Emma💙

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