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This fantastic photo taken by @jorgemartinezuy captures the atmosphere of the Great Court on a sunny day. The space has been the centrepiece of the Museum since it was completed in 2000, and is the largest covered square in Europe. Have you visited the Great Court? Share your photos with us by tagging the location – we love seeing them! #regram #repost #BritishMuseum #London #UK #ceiling #museum #architecture ...more
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This artistic shot was taken by @myleslea on the south staircase. Sydney Smirke’s designs for this part of the Museum were approved in 1847 – the colourful decoration was inspired by ancient Greece, and is accented with solid stone bannisters. The imposing Neoclassical style includes some fine details to look out for when you visit the Museum – don’t forget to look up! Share your pictures with us by tagging the location. #regram #repost #BritishMuseum #London #UK #ceiling #museum #architecture #Neoclassical ...more
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Here’s a sun-filled shot of the Great Court taken by @sara.bws. The roof casts some wonderful shadows onto the 19th-century building below – each of the 3,312 panels is uniquely shaped! What’s your favourite space in the Museum? Tag our location to share your photos with us – we love seeing them! #regram #repost #BritishMuseum #London #UK #ceiling #museum ...more
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Benjamin and Flopsy Bunny are hurrying the bunnies home through the garden after a run-in with Mr McGregor in this Beatrix Potter illustration. Published in 1909, 'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies' was one of the books that followed Potter’s hugely successful ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ from 1902. Filled with her charming watercolour illustrations, the characters still captivate children (and adults!) today. #BeatrixPotter #spring #bunnies #PeterRabbit #FlopsyBunnies #rabbits #BritishMuseum ...more
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After feasting in Mr McGregor’s lettuce patch, the Flopsy Bunnies have fallen asleep in this illustration from 'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies' drawn by Beatrix Potter. In the book, gorging on lettuce always makes the bunnies very tired, which can get them into some sticky situations! Potter’s charming series of Peter Rabbit books began in 1902, with this tale being published in 1909. #BeatrixPotter #spring #bunnies #PeterRabbit #FlopsyBunnies #rabbits #BritishMuseum ...more
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It’s starting to feel like spring in London! Here’s an adorable page from Beatrix Potter’s 1909 book 'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies'. The rabbits are feasting on lettuce leaves that have been left out by farmer Mr McGregor. Do you have a favourite Beatrix Potter character? 🐰💐🌱 #BeatrixPotter #spring #bunnies #PeterRabbit #FlopsyBunnies #rabbits #BritishMuseum ...more
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‘For the houses, as though in protest against the masterless swirl of rock, are cubic, solid, and severe… they might have been sliced and squared out of goat’s cheese. The houses and the rocks alike thrust into the air an infinity of sharp and light-reflecting facets.’ – travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor describes the Greek island of Hydra in 1964. Leigh Fermor was friends with Greek artist Niko Ghika who painted this view of Hydra port at sunset in 1957–1960. They lived together with British artist John Craxton at Ghika’s ancestral home on Hydra, each making works influenced by the landscape, culture and people of the island. Step into the Mediterranean sun and explore the friendship of this dynamic trio in our new free exhibition – now open! Find out more via the link in our bio. #Ghika #Craxton #LeighFermor #Hydra #Greece #Greek #art #artist #artists #painting #oilpaint #Mediterranean #20thcentury ...more
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British artist John Craxton moved to the Greek island of Crete in 1960. He found an old house and studio by the harbour in the town of Chania, and painted the people, landscapes and animals he encountered on the island. The rowdy harbourside tavernas allowed him to get close to the sailors who would come and go from the port. Look closely and you can see some intriguing features in this painting – the artist’s signature appears on the packet of cigarettes, and the inscription at the top says ‘Breaking [of plates] is forbidden by law’. Craxton was good friends with Greek artist Niko Ghika and British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, and the three shared a love for Greece – our new free exhibition explores their friendship and the works they produced while living in the country. Find out more via the link in our bio. #JohnCraxton #Craxton #sailors #Crete #Greece #island #Mediterranean #art #artists #painting #oilpaint #Ghika #LeighFermor #Greek ...more
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‘Black Sun’ by artist Niko Ghika depicts a scene from the Greek island of Hydra. Ghika was one of the best-known modern Greek painters, and was active from the 1920s up until his death in the 1990s. He never tired of painting the striking, rocky landscape of Hydra, and lived there in the Ghika family home for many years. The 18th-century mansion was built by the artist’s great-great-great-grandfather, and stood at the top of a steep hill overlooking the town. The house played host to numerous artists and writers throughout the years, and was where Ghika forged strong friendships with artist John Craxton and writer Patrick Leigh Fermor. Discover the works of this trio and bask in glorious Greek sunshine in our new free exhibition – learn more via the link in our bio. #Ghika #NikoGhika #Hydra #Craxton #LeighFermor #art #artist #Greece #Greek #20thcentury #paint #painting #oilpaint #landscape ...more
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We’re celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by highlighting women from history. This marvellous enamelled ewer was made by Susanne Court in around 1600. Court’s family were from Limoges in France, and were famous for the quality of their painted enamel wares – this example showcases the jewel-like colours that Court was known for. It depicts the Biblical story of Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea – Moses and his followers stand on the right, while to the left the pharaoh and his army are engulfed by the Red Sea. The detail is breathtaking – the whole ewer stands just over 26cm tall! From Ice Age women to queens, athletes and artists, meet women from history as chosen by female curators in our International Women’s Day blog post – link in bio. #IWD2018 #France #enamel #artist #art ...more
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay! This coin from AD 630 depicts Queen Boran – the first Iranian queen to rule in her own right. She wears a winged crown topped by a moon crescent and globe, symbols of divine glory. Her long braids indicate that she is a woman. Female curators across the Museum have highlighted remarkable women from throughout history in our blog post – link in bio. #IWD2018 #numismatics #coin #queen ...more
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Artist Mary Delany produced thousands of these life-like depictions of flowers in the late 18th century. Although they look like watercolours, they are in fact made from tiny pieces of paper. The idea came to her while staying with her friend Margaret Bentinck. Noticing the similarity between a geranium and a piece of red paper that was on her bedside table, Delany took her scissors and started to imitate the petals. When Bentinck saw the paper flowers she mistook them as real! Read more about these amazing works, and discover other remarkable women from history in our curators’ #InternationalWomensDay blog post – link in bio. The flowers shown here are a French rose, a Chinese hollyhock, a water lily and a Barbados flowerfence. #MaryDelany #flowers #IWD2018 #WomensDay #floral #collage #art #ArtHistory ...more
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