Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day an... - Barack Obama (@barackobama)

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elainesilvamendes 1 week ago

Tem como ele ser presidente no Brasil

hollywoodcakes.emc 1 week ago


iam_ashliemariee 1 week ago


xxsharon_embryxx 1 week ago

@celia_rose02 he’s not anyone’s president anymore, thank god we got him out of office! Grow a brain and you’ll see how he failed this country! #trumpisourpresident #byeobama

celia_rose02 1 week ago

@celia_rose02 well we all got our opinions honey👋🏻

ansarisahil2446 1 week ago


crishan25 1 week ago




fdejesus10 1 week ago

LOS EXTRAÑO TANTO @barackobama @michelleobama 😞😞

michael_biczak18 1 week ago

These two guys are adorable

emeraldpv 1 week ago

@barackobama @michelleobama my daughters and I LOVE YOU GUYS and MISS YOU😍😘God bless you and your beautiful family always 🙏🏻💖

faithbasedbygrace 1 week ago

Oh how I miss you and your family.. Class.

andrewengle11 1 week ago

I think u meant to say Michael

cedrololi18 1 week ago


lolasal 1 week ago

I miss you both.

jhoandylopez 1 week ago

I miss you father🙏

jhoandylopez 1 week ago

The best

jhoandylopez 1 week ago


si_usii 1 week ago


si_usii 1 week ago


poneisensato 1 week ago


anasvitelo 1 week ago

Muitas saudades de vocês dois! 💕💕

ajfuller_12 1 week ago

@kingdemic yea bc we all want him to continue to ruin America

lulaa156_ 1 week ago

Love you so much❤

andreamonic 1 week ago

We miss you 😢

barbapapa_uk_98 1 week ago

Mr. Obama, you betrayed great treason to the Iranian people

nanagiousma7734 1 week ago


leydenkeren 1 week ago


sadiekorr 1 week ago

Please click the link in my bio to help in any kind of way. 🙏🏽 and May God bless you in total abundance !

hopsandbarleyco 1 week ago


dali4520 1 week ago

I miss youuuuuuuuu 😫😫😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭no no no no ... ☹️☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞😞😫😫

alienzo_pv 1 week ago

iran 🇮🇷 we love you 😍 miss you

sukh_thathgaria 1 week ago

Nice couple

sharon_cyrus 1 week ago

We miss you as president, father, husband, citizien of all... by girls sicilian. 17 years

sajaad.b1366_mis_ 1 week ago

توف تو زاتت

bramwelbett 1 week ago

Yes !!!!!

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